Monthly Subscription Plans

I will be leading you through your monthly commitments as a certified English as a Second Language teacher and course creator.

Welcome to my Monthly Subscription Plans. Whether it is learning English through private lessons or through my online courses, I have committed myself to helping English language learners succeed for more than five years. I look forward to working with you in whatever capacity I can help and hope to hear from you soon regarding your interest in English language learning! Thank you.


Ben Weinberg, English as a Second Language Instructor

Monthly Plans For You:


Monthly Subscription Option Explanations:

$5.00: Support my written work and my travel photography with this optional ‘pay you want’ payment plan per month. The basic minimum is $5 per month for your support. It is much appreciated and I thank you for your kind generosity of my work.

$50.00: Unlimited access to all five of my English language courses including Grammar, Business, and Writing. There is also one-hour private English lesson included in this subscription. No course assignments or WhatsApp access are included in this subscription option. 20 hours of video content and growing for this monthly option.

$100.00: Unlimited access to my five online courses in English grammar, writing, and business. This will include all of the course assignments as well and I will make myself available for the total period of your membership via WhatsApp for any questions you may have about the course and the assignments to help you learn more. Two private lessons of one hour each month are included in this subscription option.

Five private English lessons (of one hour per month) and unlimited Whatsapp access to me for English questions and work feedback. All of my courses are included in this subscription in terms of being able to access the videos for each of them including writing, business, and grammar as well as the assignments for each course video.

$400.00: Ten private English lessons per month (one-hour) and unlimited access to WhatsApp with me for questions. I also will include my English course videos and assignments for your access and learning for the entirety of your membership as well which is over 20 hours of content.

$500.00: Twelve private lessons for one hour of English private lesson learning per month with me including WhatsApp access of unlimited questions and answers. I will also throw in both the course videos and the course assignments for each video, which adds to 30 hours of learning content for your English needs. (grammar, business, and writing all included).

Note: These terms and conditions are subject to change for these monthly membership plans but have been updated as of May 13th, 2020 and are valid as of today.

Ben is the founder and head teacher of English from A to Z. He has been an ESL teacher and instructor for the past five years. Ben earned his TEFL / TESOL certification from the International TEFL Academy back in December of 2013. He has a wide variety of experiences in teaching English as a second language to students from around the world. Ben has taught English for companies and organizations such as Berlitz Inc. and the Huntington Learning Center.

In addition, Ben spent a year living in Istanbul, Turkey where he taught English to high school students and also gave private tutoring to Turkish adults.  Continuing his adventures overseas, Ben recently lived in Medellin, Colombia and volunteered at a public high school helping Colombian students to improve their English proficiency as part of the Ministry of Education’s ‘Bilingual Colombia’ national initiative. He worked for a non-governmental organization based out of Bogota, Colombia.”

My Testimonials

“It is very well structured and explains all the techniques and rules step by step. It reminds you that there is a skill needed when it comes to writing in English.”

Iwona (Writing in English Course Student)

“It was really inspiring and amazing.”

-Jincy (Advanced English Grammar Course Student)

“I had no idea about active and passive voice but am now very informed! Thanks!!”

-Shivani (English Grammar Class Participant)

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