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Hello, I would like to offer my freelance services through my website for a number of different purposes including as a writer, and blogger. I can also provide editing, proofreading services for you or your company.  I have years of experience writing a great number of academic, business, and personal articles for different clients around the world. Due to my advanced proficiency in the Spanish language, I will also be able to provide translation services from Spanish to English or English to Spanish when it comes to articles, blog posts, reading passages, etc.

When it comes to my academic background, I was Editor-in-Chief of an undergraduate publication for International Affairs at The George Washington University from 2012-2013.  I led a group of editors in publishing academic papers and articles that GWU students had written. I was in charge of the layout, design, and eventual printing of these academic journals. I edited many academic papers and have a lot of experience giving feedback and constructive comments.

During my four years as an undergraduate at GWU, I also wrote for my college newspaper, “The GW Hatchet” as a news reporter writing about articles of interest in the Washington, DC area. Also, when I lived in Istanbul, Turkey, I was a regular contributor to “Yabangee”, an online magazine for the local expatriate community. I wrote about restaurants, concerts, and other cultural events in the Istanbul area for “Yabangee” over a period of one year.

Lastly, I currently run and manage my own personal blog, All of the blog entries on the website were written by myself. Listed below on this page are links to my freelance writing and editing samples which you can view for yourself.

In addition, I have years of experience working with both Microsoft Office and Macintosh products as well. In addition, I have also taught children and adults ‘English as a Second Language’ in different countries around the world. Lastly, I have a TEFL / TESOL Certificate from the International TEFL Academy in Chicago, Illinois. I have sufficient training in teaching and instructing others about English grammar and vocabulary. I also have given lessons on reading, speaking, listening, and writing in the English language.

If you wish to hire me as your freelancer for different services such as writing, blogging, editing, translating, proofreading, etc., please send me a message through the ‘Contact Me’ page, e-mail me through my website or get in touch with me through my social media pages. Thank you very much and I hope to work with you soon as a future client.

Freelance Writing Services

I will be happy to write or create any content writing, SEO writing, article writing, essay writing, or research writing project that you need for me to complete. I am willing to provide samples from my writing portfolio and I am also willing to do some test writing for you if that is necessary. Some of my past articles are listed on this page below too. My freelancing rate per hour is $40 so if your project will take a couple of hours or more than that for me to complete, please be sure to order by the hours needed. (1 Hour of Writing)


Freelance Editing Services

I will be happy to edit or proofread any essay, paper, academic research, word document that you would need for me to work on. I am happy to provide samples from my editing portfolio and I am also willing to do some test editing for you if that is necessary. My freelancing rate per hour is $40 so if your project will take a couple of hours or more than that for me to complete, please be sure to order by the hours needed. (1 Hour of Editing)


My Freelance Portfolio 

Upwork Profile:

Freelance Writing Portfolio

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Freelance Editing / Proofreading Portfolio

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